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Macro down under — posted April 2016

By Robin Jeffries | Apr 28, 2016

Macro underwater photography works very well and can quickly give spectacular results. There are a few good reasons why my camera spends a lot of time fitted with a macro instead of a wide angle lens: *I am closer to my subject which eliminates many of the issues caused by the tiny particles found in sea…

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Flinders Reefs Coral Sea — posted April 2016

By Robin Jeffries | Apr 18, 2016

                     Flinders Reefs Flinders reefs  may be in the Coral Sea but are still easily reached by most cruising vessels. Seventy nautical miles North East of Townsville gets you to a protected anchorage tucked away within Myrmidon Reef.  Then you leave the protection of the GBR and…

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Buoy Moorings Townsville to Lizard Island — updated 2017

By Robin Jeffries | Apr 6, 2016

Using buoy moorings Townsville to Lizard Island. Prevent coral damage—improve safety—access diving & snorkelling hot spots near population centres. When cruising FNQ, everybody wants to spend some time in the water—on the reef. Whether it’s scuba, hookah, free diving, or snorkelling, we all love to experience that unique outer reef world close-up. The biggest impediment…

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Sailing naked — March 2016

By Robin Jeffries | Mar 28, 2016

          Cruising warm tropic waters — sailing naked –wearing nothing but a smile — it all seems quite normal to me. But why cruise naked? I think it is more than just being practical; it is also a fun thing to do, it gives us a sense of freedom and appeals…

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Reaching the end of The Great Barrier Reef — Bramble cay — posted March 2016

By Robin Jeffries | Mar 24, 2016

In 2011 a dream came true–I reached the very top end of the Great Barrier Reef. Here is my account which first appeared in “Club Marine Magazine”. As a young man, I had visited the ‘start’ of the  Great Barrier Reef at its southern tip at Lady Elliot Island. My curiosity was awakened, and a…

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The Hermit Crabs we find. — March 2016

By Robin Jeffries | Mar 21, 2016

  It’s hard not to be curious when you notice a sea shell moving about, with legs and feelers protruding. While other crustaceans scamper, bury, and hide; not hermit crabs—they are slowly dragging their appropriated spiral shell houses along—which makes them easy to get to know. To be able to grow they need to change…

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Diamond islets — Coral Sea — posted March 2016

By Robin Jeffries | Mar 19, 2016

Who wouldn’t like to cruise to a group of deserted Coral Sea Islands without leaving the comfort of Australian waters? In the spring of 2013 we spent 18 days on our 14m cat visiting the four pristine Diamond Islets, located 500 kilometres north east of Townsville. Below is our account that was published in Australian…

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Romance on The Great Barrier Reef – posted March 2016

By Robin Jeffries | Mar 13, 2016

  I feel obliged to acquaint romantics with just how Syl and I (Robin) became a couple. In 2011, I found myself alone and it occurred to me it would be rather nice to have a compatible lady on board. I placed an advert on a website called “Find a Crew”. I advertised for a…

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What about the rubbish. posted March 2016

By Robin Jeffries | Mar 12, 2016

We think it’s a privilege to be able to visit remote locations, but our Islands and Cays are no longer pristine and untouched—mega tonnes of rubbish, mainly plastics are drifting around the world’s oceans, and our far north is littered with junk,  Plastics are a very serious problem. They don’t breakdown and return to nature:…

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