When I first dived on a coral reef I was enraptured with all the different colours, shapes, and life forms. I couldn't wait to spend $70 on a waterproof housing case for my little compact and start capturing what I was seeing. I so relished reliving my underwater ventures and sharing them with others. Now, nothing's changed--except the equipment and the $70. We have spoilt ourselves with good quality DSLR cameras that feature strobes (bright flash's). I like to shoot in raw then post process with photoshop but Sylvie does very little touch-up work. Photography is one of our favorite pastimes, and I will be blogging our ideas and providing links to our favorite photographers.


Macro down under — posted April 2016

By Robin Jeffries | April 28, 2016

Macro underwater photography works very well and can quickly give spectacular results. There are a few good reasons why my camera spends a lot of time fitted with a macro instead of a wide angle lens: *I am closer to my subject which eliminates many of the issues caused by the tiny particles found in sea…

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