A Woman's World:

My story--Sylvie Jambu

I always knew that the sea was my calling. In the late 90’s, I am 40 years old and I am restless. I dream of wide open spaces and freedom. I need to spread my wings and discover new horizons.
I am a sailor and a diver so I decide to drop everything, pack my suitcase and I move to the Reunion Island, east of Madagascar.
There, I pilot a glass bottom boat, sharing my passion for the sea with others. When I am not on my little boat, I spend my time diving in this gorgeous Indian Ocean, surrounded by sea life and dolphins. I’m at peace, the sea is my home.
But it is not enough, I am hungry for more. I travel to nearby islands like Madagascar, Mauritius Island and the Commodores Islands, feast my eyes with their beauty. The world is big, surely, there is more to this… After 3 years, I set sail for the South Pacific and land in French Polynesia. Starting a life in Tahiti is hard. I struggle to find a good paying job and my savings are melting away. But the sacrifice is worth it. I stay for a year and the locals call me “Poemiti” which means “Pearl of the Sea”.
2003, is a big year, I embark on a catamaran and after 6 months hopping from boat to boat I set foot in New Zealand.
For the next 8 years, I roam the seas and the tides keep bringing me back to the Australian shores.
It is a sign, I have dreamt of Australia and the Coral Sea since I was a little girl. In June 2011, I arrive in Townsville and meet Robin and my new life begins. We share the same passion for the ocean and start a new adventure together.
Australia is now my home. My heart beats for Australia. My heart beats for Robin…


Sailing Antarctica 2018

By Robin Jeffries | 9 April 2018

A woman’s world…by Sylvie Jambu Sailing Antarctica      What does a girl do when the captain takes a boys break. ——   “Go sailing Antarctica of course”.                                                      …

Sylvie Wallbanger–posted june 2016

By Robin Jeffries | 5 June 2016

I recently gave my partner Syl an Aussie knick name after she banged on the side of a boat at our marina for 5 minutes in an attempt to rouse it’s occupant and tell them. “  Your music is too loud …my baby can’t sleep (that was me).” When nobody presented themselves, next step was…

Romance on The Great Barrier Reef – posted March 2016

By Robin Jeffries | 13 March 2016

I feel obliged to acquaint romantics with just how Syl and I (Robin) became a couple. In 2011, I found myself alone, and it occurred to me it would be rather nice to have a compatible lady on board. I placed an advert on a website called “Find a Crew”. I advertised for a first…

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