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Lihou Reef Atoll

By Robin Jeffries | Mar 18, 2023

Lihou Reef is one of the biggest atolls in the world. Crystal clear water made it an amazing place to dive. On top 20 vegetated and sand cays chock full of marine birds and turtles were extraordinary.

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Great Detached Reef to Cape York

By Robin Jeffries | Aug 28, 2022

Following the route taken by the early sailing ships though the outer GBR to the Australian mainland is easy and can be a lot off fun.

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Photographing Mackay Reef Nth Qld

By Robin Jeffries | Feb 8, 2022

Mackay reef is only 30nm nth of Port Douglas and has a glorious sand cay on its Nth West edge. Good protection from the SE trade winds, two 24 hour moorings and plenty of space for anchoring make it an ideal place for us to hang loose for a day or two or a week…

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Ham Reef sand cay

Ham Reef – & our 100 magic miles

By Robin Jeffries | May 7, 2021

Ham reef cay is just one of the numerous patches of sand and exposed coral rock that pops up along my favourite 100nm edge of the GBR. This barmy day the pristine purity at Ham Reef was breathtaking. We anchored just 50m away over soft sand and leapt into the crystalline water, dog and all.…

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By Robin Jeffries | May 7, 2021

Pelican Island island is in the centre of a beautiful cruising area stretching between Morris island down past the Hedge reef sandbank. There is a well-developed sand spit here affording a good anchorage. On our second day, a nature show came to us with a little crocodile and hundreds of marine birds perched on it…

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Wishbone Reef 2011/2020

By Robin Jeffries | Sep 27, 2020

We are about to cast off for our 2020 cruise north to Wishbone reef 🙂 I recall watching two Nudibranchs (Nembrotha Kukaryana) cavorting in 5m of water. Wicked lovers one day and still at it the next. Nudibranchs being hermaphrodites are both male and female. Note the blue genitalia on their front right. The image…

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Cruising Cairns to Townsville 2019 -21

By Robin Jeffries | Dec 14, 2019

Frankland  Islands / Taylor Reef Cay / Burnett Patches/ Armistice reef & more. Numerous fascinating islands and coral reefs fit between glorious coastal mountains to the west and the deep blue coral sea to the east. It’s always a great pleasure taking different routes and doing a little exploring when cruising between Cairns and Townsville.  In…

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Ashmore Reef QLD – cruising 2011/2018

By Robin Jeffries | Dec 14, 2018

        Ashmore Reef is a large Atoll 23nm east from the GBR and not far from its end point coming from Australia. Being so isolated it has a certain adventurous feel about it. In 2011 we cruised east from Masig Island in the Torres Strait, entering the Coral Sea via the rather…

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Remote North East edge off the GBR – cruising 2018

By Robin Jeffries | Sep 18, 2018

Revisiting the GBR Nth East Edge Today we cast off and head to one the most remote but exciting coral reef sections off the Australian coast — Wreck bay to Ashmore Reef. We will return in 2019 with lots of stories to tell and information for those interested in cruising, diving and fishing this wilderness…

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