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Louisiades… cruising September 2016

By Robin Jeffries | Jan 26, 2017

     Papua new Guinea (PNG) starts where Far North Queensland finishes, and the best safe cruising can be found not far away amongst the Louisiades archipelago to the southeast of the mainland; where Islanders lead a peaceful life and sail large traditional sailaus for fishing and trading between islands. We departed from Cairns September…

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Our 2016 PNG expedition –September to mid December.

By Robin Jeffries | Sep 10, 2016

  We are just leaving on our spring 2016 cruise to the Milne Province of PNG which is about 1000km northeast of Cairns Australia. We will be soon immersed in a very different culture visiting many small villages scattered among the hundreds of small coral islands of the Louisiade Archipelago. Our boat is chock full…

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Magdelaine Cays –Coral Sea –posted August 2016

By Robin Jeffries | Aug 29, 2016

Magdelaine Cays are a pristine, untouched wilderness. We soaked it all up during 12 days of sensational exploring. Magdelaine North turtle graveyard. We arrived in early December 2013 and carefully picked our way thru shallow coral heads to a well-protected anchorage about 300m behind a strip of smooth sand. It looked peaceful, but on landing,…

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Daru PNG West province charity cruise -posted july

By Robin Jeffries | Jul 23, 2016

   Was Daru and PNG’s Western Province a basket case? The area was often described as lawless, poverty-stricken and disease-ridden, where corruption was both normal and pretty much essential. In 2012 major flooding had destroyed many of the coastal villages food supplies. There was no better time for us to both help out and to see the…

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Willis Islets — Coral Sea — posted June 2016

By Robin Jeffries | Jun 22, 2016

       Willis Islets — South Willis Island weather station We dropped anchor behind a small coral islet with a strange looking building perched on the top of its six-metre high peak. I thought it would feel weird seeing civilisation out here, but every map of the coral sea shows the Willis Island manned weather station,…

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Coringa Islets — Coral Sea–posted June 2016

By Robin Jeffries | Jun 15, 2016

Coringa Islets are comprised of Chillcott and South West Islets and are part of the large nature reserve(green zone) that also take in the  Heralds and Magdelaine Cays. They are  50nm east from the Heralds Cays, 70nm west from the Diamonds islets, 45 nm south from Willis and the Magdelaine Cays. It feels like nowhere…

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Sylvie Wallbanger–posted june 2016

By Robin Jeffries | Jun 5, 2016

I recently gave my partner Syl an Aussie knick name after she banged on the side of a boat at our marina for 5 minutes in an attempt to rouse it’s occupant and tell them. “  Your music is too loud …my baby can’t sleep (that was me).” When nobody presented themselves, next step was…

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Herald cays — Coral Sea — posted June 2016

By Robin Jeffries | Jun 1, 2016

                         Herald Cays The Herald Cays are a 200nm cruise eastward into the Coral Sea from both Townsville and Cairns and are a nature paradise. Traveling at eight knots from Townsville we reached them with nightly stopovers at Myrmidon and Flinders Reefs. No need…

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Lockhart River for cruising boaties – posted May 2016

By Robin Jeffries | May 28, 2016

We enjoy visiting Lockhart River, a coastal Aboriginal community on the eastern coast of Cape York Peninsula. It is an important supply stopover for us when cruising to the top and back, or when we are just poking around diving and exploring the northeast fringes. Lockhart River is also the name of a river located…

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