Exploring our underwater world amongst Coral reefs is always a thrill. We love it all: the snorkelling, the free diving, and the hookah and scuba diving. Here's a little about how we dive from our own vessel and manage to do it safely with no back up support .

Willis Islets — Coral Sea — posted June 2016

By Robin Jeffries | 22 June 2016

       Willis Islets — South Willis Island weather station We dropped anchor behind a small coral islet with a strange looking building perched on the top of its six-metre high peak. I thought it would feel weird seeing civilisation out here, but every map of the coral sea shows the Willis Island manned weather station,…

Coringa Islets — Coral Sea–posted June 2016

By Robin Jeffries | 15 June 2016

Coringa Islets are comprised of Chillcott and South West Islets and are part of the large nature reserve(green zone) that also take in the  Heralds and Magdelaine Cays. They are  50nm east from the Heralds Cays, 70nm west from the Diamonds islets, 45 nm south from Willis and the Magdelaine Cays. It feels like nowhere…

Herald cays — Coral Sea — posted June 2016

By Robin Jeffries | 1 June 2016

                         Herald Cays The Herald Cays are a 200nm cruise eastward into the Coral Sea from both Townsville and Cairns and are a nature paradise. Traveling at eight knots from Townsville we reached them with nightly stopovers at Myrmidon and Flinders Reefs. No need…

Alone on the Great Barrier Reef – Cruise/dive Townsville -posted May 2016

By Robin Jeffries | 15 May 2016

                  An occasional solo trip gave me the taste for alone time in the middle of nowhere. But as I stood on the back step of Flash Dancer kitted up with scuba gear and stared out at the stormy sky and the black deserted ocean I wondered…

Osprey Reef Coral Sea — posted May 2016

By Robin Jeffries | 11 May 2016

Our 2015 spring cruise second leg was a 100nm night cruise from Bougainville Reef to Osprey Reef. Dive charters have put Osprey Reef in the spotlight, especially the North Horn dive site with its famous shark-feeding spectacle. We were more interested in the large lagoon, though, and planned to make it our home base for…

Bougainville Reef Coral Sea — posted May 2016

By Robin Jeffries | 7 May 2016

On our 2015 spring cruise from Cairns to Cape York, we took in a slight detour to several nearby Coral Sea atolls, beginning at Bougainville Reef. We waited for a good- weather window before heading 215km north- east of Cairns to a  speck on our chart. Bougainville Reef is a 4km-long, oval atoll formed thousands…

Flinders Reefs Coral Sea — posted April 2016

By Robin Jeffries | 18 April 2016

To view any of our other stories from cruising the coral sea click o the below                      Flinders Reefs Flinders reefs  may be in the Coral Sea but are still easily reached by most cruising vessels. Seventy nautical miles North East of Townsville gets you to a…

Buoy Moorings Townsville to Lizard Island — updated 2017

By Robin Jeffries | 6 April 2016

Using buoy moorings Townsville to Lizard Island. Prevent coral damage—improve safety—access diving & snorkelling hot spots near population centres. When cruising FNQ, everybody wants to spend some time in the water—on the reef. Whether it’s scuba, hookah, free diving, or snorkelling, we all love to experience that unique outer reef world close-up. The biggest impediment…

Reaching the end of The Great Barrier Reef — Bramble cay — posted March 2016

By Robin Jeffries | 24 March 2016

In 2011 a dream came true–I reached the very top end of the Great Barrier Reef. Here is my account which first appeared in “Club Marine Magazine”. As a young man, I had visited the ‘start’ of the  Great Barrier Reef at its southern tip at Lady Elliot Island. My curiosity was awakened, and a…

Diamond islets — Coral Sea — posted March 2016

By Robin Jeffries | 19 March 2016

Who wouldn’t like to cruise to a group of deserted Coral Sea Islands without leaving the comfort of Australian waters? In the spring of 2013, we spent 18 days on our 14m cat visiting the four pristine Diamond Islets, located 500 kilometres northeast of Townsville. Below is our account that was published in the Australian…

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