first-mate-in-actionI feel obliged to acquaint romantics with just how Syl and I (Robin) became a couple.

In 2011, I found myself alone and it occurred to me it would be rather nice to have a compatible lady on board. I placed an advert on a website called “Find a Crew”. I advertised for a first mate, preferably a female to share a proposed cruise to the very end of the GBR. They must be experienced around boats and preferably a proficient
scuba diver. I was excited to find that among those interested was a genuine French commercial sailor. She had her own website and I could see that she was both highly qualified and very experienced with both boats and diving. She had done eight Ocean crossings with both sailing yachts and powerboats. Was a master diver with over two thousand dives in most areas of the world? The fact she was also a small attractive blonde and eight years younger was of no consequence ( I’m lying). Sylvie was living on a boat is in a Central Queensland coastal town waiting to take it back to the Solomon Islands. But, due to circumstances, it was going to be a long time before it departed. Her visa had 2 months left, and she liked the idea of diving the GBR. She spoke broken English but made herself understood in a direct manner that I found refreshing.
But first, she wanted more current pictures of my boat both inside and out… the fisherman’s joke was being played back to me…in reverse!

I impressed her with spacious Kitchen...the french love to cook.

I impressed Sylvie with the spacious Kitchen…the French love to cook 🙂

it's all clean and smelling like roses.

It’s all clean and smelling like roses 🙂

When I broached the subject of romance and sex; she just said it was all part of nature, that while she thought it very good for one’s physical and mental health she personally hadn’t been involved intimately with another man for years, and could happily live without it. She explained laughing that she was very fussy: the man had to be meticulously clean , look good, smell good, be clever, funny, and absolutely unattached. What a tall order! I inquired how she managed to maintain a mere working friendship when she was often cooped up with a skipper for long periods. “Oh, if they didn’t like my way, I just got off the boat. I would always find another vessel,” she said in her usual resolute manner…I had no doubt she was not the sort of personality one would want to clash with. I digested her information, I needed to weasel my way through that tough exterior —a challenge that my manhood needed to rise to. The next few nights on Skype I wore my clown’s hat and called on my largely forgotten wit. I started to make some real progress. Although I had no doubt that this was a very capable independent lady, and my boat plus the prospect of lots of good diving held more attraction than me.

A funny hat is bound to win a heart.

A funny hat is bound to win a heart.

Proof that I fully equiped with diving gear--if I could just find it...

Proof that I was fully equipped with diving gear–if I could just find it…

 I suggested she move onto the boat and we sleep separately for a week whilst we cruised from Townsville to Cairns and see how we got on before we embarked on a long cruise together. She agreed, and in June 2011, M.V. Flash Dancer was hit with a French whirlwind. Except for the engines, she pulled the boat apart cleaning and reorganizing every square inch. There was no point in arguing… she was a totally positive no-nonsense female with boundless energy. Her bossy nature would have normally driven me crazy, but there was a certain reassurance of having someone on board who knew exactly how they wanted things to be and had no qualms about doing the work. We had lots of fun on the trip to Cairns: photographing the old hospital ruins on Fantome island, snorkeling the fringes of Pelorus island, and scuba diving with the sharks at Pith Reef.

Sylvie at Bramble Cay, great place for a skinny dip.

                             Sylvie at Bramble Cay, a great place for a skinny dip.

As we skinny-dipped under the glorious sunset falling over our anchorage next to the Beaver reef sand cay we became the sweetest of lovers.

Yep, she was right —we did feel a lot better, both physically and mentally.
Despite the fun, we were having she didn’t like me calling her my French mistress, but was happy being my French mattress. We may have had trouble understanding each other, but we did share the same wacky sense of humor.
After our four-month cruise, her visa extension expired and over the next four months, she continued her work overseas delivering sailing boats around the world. I slipped the boat, played with the grandchildren, and caught up with friends, but it was another cruising adventure with my French first mate that I now longed for.
Now, years later Sylvie has become an Australian citizen and is part of the Aussie landscape. We love sharing our lives together and despite having some of the same annoying habits—like both thinking we know best—life is pretty dam good.

In-between cruising we now live in an apartment near the marina where we can hear the waves crashing and the birds chirping…. and Syl can keep her other love (Flash Dancer) meticulously clean.

Fench breakfast, the coffee must be perfect.

Fench breakfast, the coffee must be perfect.

I supplied the Tuna.

I supplied the Tuna.

The team..dive buddies, lovers--both know best!

Robin and Sylvie..captain and first mate, dive buddies, lovers–both know best!

All good things come to an end.

In 2021 my first mate Syl and I made the difficult decision to separate. We have had so many amazing adventures together.

We are continuing our journeys in different directions but have great memories to look back on & remain close friends.  Good luck Sylvie. xo

p.s.There is still more information and stories to be posted here, the NE of Australia is such a huge area.

Good luck Sylvie. xo

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  1. Syl on 3 April 2016 at 1:35 pm

    Pour eblouir sa sirène, Robin a utilise ses meilleurs atouts ! Flash Dancer est le catamaran ideal pour nos escapades en Mer de Corail ….

  2. Latanya Dearing on 15 April 2016 at 2:18 am

    You should take part in a contest for one of the best blogs on the web. I will recommend this site!

    • Robin Jeffries on 15 April 2016 at 6:46 am

      Thx so much for your encouraging comment. It’s very much appreciated 🙂

  3. LakitaCBuena on 17 June 2016 at 2:40 am

    I like it whenever people meet up and share ideas. Great site,
    stick to it!

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