The Wall banging drink.

A Harvey Wallbanging drink. Sweet but packs a punch.Pic compliments of Jasom Keatonn English Wikipedia

I recently gave my partner Syl an Aussie knick name after she banged on the side of a boat at our marina for 5 minutes in an attempt to rouse it’s occupant and tell them. “  Your music is too loud …my baby can’t sleep (that was me).” When nobody presented themselves, next step was to turn off their power! Loud rap music still blared out over the marina. Finally, the captain ascended a little worse for wear and begrudgingly obliged. That’s her no-nonsense style. When we are cruising along the coast, on various occasions she has directed incoming vessels  away from us  “you are anchoring to close.”
Now you may think she has a short fuse, but no; quite the opposite, she never looses her temper, never get personal— she just missed out on the “diplomacy gene” when they were handing it out. Fortunately, she is a fearless character, with a cheeky disposition and can get way with it.
I usually make sure I am out the way! Its is quite humorous watching from a distance as a diminutive French woman tells a startled captain what to do 🙂 They always seem to Aqui-es, probably out of shock and confusion. I know I would. She always makes a point of thanking them, and they often end up on our boat for a drink.
The coup de gras was when at the supermarket she told another 4WD not to park in the bay next to her. “You will be just to close!”
Then there was the soap box speech she gave a bunch of burly commercial fishers (who I had asked over to the boat for a drink) not to contaminate the ocean by throwing their beer cans in the sea.

So how do I survive in our personal relations when I am on the receiving end?  It takes a solid strategy and some clear Captain/first mate rules. I’ll tell you when I get it right 🙂

Sylvie wallbangerHere I am using my best strategy… yep…a cheeky man can get way with just as much as a cheeky woman. We are all kids at heart, and a bit of fun goes a long way 🙂

thid deosn't have anything to do with my survival strategy. I ts was just my bent humour directing her around this compacted coral right..oops she just bounce of it..i love RIBS.

This image doesn’t have anything to do with my survival strategy. It was just me being mischievous while directing Syl around this compacted coral Bump…”go right..oops.” she bounced off it laughing–I love RIBS.

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